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Anti-Condensation Garage Roofing Sheets

All our roof sheets are manufactured from Zinc Galvanised Steel with a Plastisol coated exterior that also includes an Anti-Condensation Felt Membrane to the underside of the roofing sheet.

Why do we use an anti-condensation felt membrane?

Condensation forms on the underside of un-insulated roof sheets (no anti-condensation felt membrane). Due to the wide range of weather that we get here in the UK, condensation can be a big problem, if there is a lot of condensation in your garage the drops will form and start to fall causing damage to the contents below.

That is why all our roof sheets come with an anti-condensation felt membrane that traps moisture and prevents it from dripping and causing damage, giving you peace of mind over your garage contents.

Colours & Styles

We also offer a wide range of colours and styles to meet your requirements.

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